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LAPP  is  a  high  energy  physics  laboratory  located  in  Annecy, France.  It is one of the laboratories of IN2P3 (Institut de Physique NuclĂ©aire et de Physique des  Particules),  institute  of  CNRS  (Centre  National  de  la  Recherche  Scientifique).  LAPP is  a  joint  research  laboratory of the University Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) and the CNRS-IN2P3.

More than 150 people are working at LAPP. Research carried out at LAPP aims at studying the ultimate constituents of the matter,  their fundamental  interactions,  as  well  as  exploring  their  connections  with  the  large  structures  of  the  Universe.

LAPP is involved in experiments at the CERN LHC accelerator (ATLAS, LHCb), in neutrino (DUNE, SuperNEMO, STEREO) in astroparticle (H.E.S.S., CTA, LSST) and in gravitational waves (Virgo).

The Virgo LAPP group is involved in data analysis with binary coalescence and stochastic background studies. The team has long term involvement in the development, construction and commissioning of the instrument, in particular for the output laser light detection system, the digital electronics for real-time control loops, the data acquisition system and the calibration system.